Mischa Tranquilli

Mischa Tranquilli (USA, 1992) studeert aan The Angel Academy of Art in Florence. Ze combineert kwalitatief hoge technieken met haar eigen illustratieve stijl.
Current residence: Haarlem, Netherlands
Education 2013 – 2017 Angel Academy of Art, diploma programme, Florence ITA
Workshops/Other Education 2010 Digital Illustration, Jerry LoFaro, New Hampshire USA 2010
Storyboarding & Illustration, Joel Christian Gill, New Hampshire USA 2010
Drawing the Human Figure, Patrick McCay, New Hampshire USA Teaching 2018 – 2022
Core instructor of figurative drawing, Dutch Atelier of Realist Art, Haarlem NL 2018 – 2022

Through painting, I seek to convey truth in nature. A portrait, in my eyes, is not just a mere study of a head. When I paint from a model, there is something beyond solely his or her physical appearance that I hope to capture. To pose for a painter is an act of trust: while posing, models are locked silent and still with their own thoughts, allowing the painter to scrutinize their every aspect as they retreat to their inner world. I treasure this relationship between myself and the model. Remarkably candid moments come to the surface when a sitter agrees to pose for me – a rare glimpse of vulnerability; a quiet air of dignity; the burden of fatigue; a twinkle of joy in the eyes; a pang of sadness that flashes for a moment across the face. A photograph communicates none of this information. It is only when painting from life that I feel that I am allowed a glimpse into the truth of someone’s character. Tapping into these truths brings heightened meaning to my paintings. During these moments I spend at the easel studying the model and relaying that information to canvas, I feel the greatest fulfillment